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About Joey

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Early days of adventure.

Joey Chase is an explorer, entrepreneur, presenter and filmmaker who got hooked on the allure of travel in the 1980s growing up as the son of an international art and antiques dealer. He later moved off the grid where he practiced sustainable living and back-country exploration while living and working as a volunteer at Mission:Wolf, a wildlife sanctuary in the southern mountains of Colorado. Chase has over 20 years of experience traveling the world as a coffee supply chain specialist. He has developed award-winning coffees and related programs for a myriad of personalities and businesses throughout the industry, from celebrities and celebrity chefs to commercial foodservice distributors and restaurant and hotel groups.


Chase holds a degree in film and video from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. He recently created, presented and produced a 13-part travel series for Lonely Planet, exploring coffee cultures in 13 different countries throughout the globe. As both a filmmaker and presenter, Chase is multi-faceted, has a keen ability to connect with the locals and is uniquely talented at creatively tying together a wide range of subjects and points of interest into a compelling storyline.

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