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Chasing Coffee is a travel series that uniquely marries the appeal of travel and the world's great love affair for all things coffee. The show chronicles Joey Chase's adventures as he follows his palate on a global quest exploring hidden worlds, exotic cultures and some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. As ambassador to all things coffee, Chase reveals the secrets behind the world's most exclusive beans, while discovering some of the industry's most significant achievements in hot spots along the way.


Episode Rundown- 13/30 Min.

Episodes feature the places where coffee is grown or where it's consumed in the following countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Jamaica, Turkey (Istanbul), France, Italy, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Panama, Brazil and Japan.

El Salvador Farm Pic.jpg

As a coffee roaster and value chain development specialist from seed to cup with over 20 years of experience, Joey has long sought more lucrative alternatives for coffee farmers struggling to free their families from the seemingly relentless and oppressive yoke of poverty.  Ironically, it was during a nostalgic visit to his old stomping grounds in the remote mountains of Southern Colorado where he fell into what could evolve into one of the greatest economic and agricultural renaissances in the history of human civilization, cannabis Sativa L, also known as CBD hemp.  


Over the past two years, Joey has been applying his knowledge in building coffee supply chains toward hemp in hope of implementing hemp agronomy programs with coffee farmers in Africa and Central America. In February of 2018, he went down to El Salvador and pitched the concept to various coffee farmers and cooperatives. An ideal partnership was formed and the first pilot grow was harvested in September 2021. 

Joey's Mountaintop is a brand co-founded and developed by Steve Luttman from the Tortoise & Volt agency, NY, NY. In 2005, Luttman created Leblon Natural Cane Cachaça, which was sold to Bacardi in 2015 and is now available in nearly 50 countries.  Luttman previously held senior marketing executive positions at Unilever, Diageo and LVMH.


Striving to create a coffee that maximizes daily performance while on the road, Joey experimented with cannabinoids from hemp to design the ultimate coffee drinking experience. Coffee without the jitters; carpe diem in a can.


"I've been chasing coffee for over twenty years, and while I've been fortunate enough to experience some of coffees most profound achievements throughout the world, the greatest discovery I've made along the way is the matrimony of coffees perfect partner: broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and the fascinating world of cannabinoids and terpenes that come with it."

                                                                 - Joey Chase

                                                                   Founder, Joey's Mountaintop


CRA Photo.jpg

Joey Chase founded the Coffee Roasters' Alliance (CRA) in 2010 with a vision to help independent roasters compete with the eight hundred pound gorillas in the industry by leveraging the strengths of "fresh roasted" and "local" with the consistency and reliability of a nationally recognized brand.


CRA supports the Alliance network of roasters with everything coffee from A-Z,  the core of which is built around coffee value chains from farm to cup. The following are roasters that have benefitted from CRA 's support from the earliest days of their development and continue to be a part of the CRA family.


Dragonfly Coffee Roaster's - Tamas Christman & Hillary Clark


Fontana Coffee & Tea - Jose Ramos


Kwen Coffee Roasters - Patsy Lamastus & Randy Edney


Credo Coffee- Ben Hoyer


Artifx Coffee - Keith Whittingham


Ixkanul Coffee -Andre Herrera  


Rohan Marley


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